Aureole Volume 2018

Volume X

December 2018

No.Title of the articleAuthor(s)Pages
1Microwave assisted Green synthesis and Antibacterial study of Iron OxideNano particles using coffea BenghalensisEldhose Raju, Lina Raj and Aby Jimson1-6
2Exploring the concept of Existentialism In the Novel after DarkVani Maria Jose7-14
3हाशिएकृत समाज और ‘सीढ़ियाँ, माँ और उसका देवताRamseena P15-18
4Physicochemical Analysis of water samples of Uzhavoor Grama PanchayathShiney Baby and Anitha Reghu19-28
5An Evaluation of the Special Economic Zone Scheme in IndiaJisha George29-29
6A Comparative Study on Mosquito Larvicidal Activity of Selected PlantsChinnu Jimmy, Sincy Joseph and Bijimol K V40-45
7Need for User Centric Services in Law Libraries: A study with reference to School of Indian Legal Thought,Mahatma Gandhi University, KeralaJasimudeen.S46-56